3M Scotchcast Hazard Area Low Voltage Resin Joints

For inline joints in hazardous areas up to 3.3kV power cables

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Low Voltage Resin Joints in Hazardous Areas

low voltage cable joint3M™ Scotchcast™ Hazard Area LV Resin Joints is based around a high quality BS EN 50393 compliant product, conventional re-insulation techniques using self amalgamating tapes, and specialist resin encapsulation. 3M have been supplying cable accessories and resin for use in hazardous areas for in excess of 25 years and have carried out extensive research into the effects of hydro-carbons and chemical solvents on resin encapsulants.

3M 1402FR high quality, highly modified polyurethane resin, demonstrates superior performance above all the other resin types. It is for this reason that 1402FR resin is supplied in the range of 3M hazardous area cable joints covering instrumentation, control cables and power cables rated up to 3.3kV. Our specialised joint shell is flame retardant, hydrocarbon resistant, and halogen free.

Features at a glance

  • Joint shell & resin is flame retardant, hydrocarbon resistant and halogen free
  • Advanced resin delivery - Safer, cleaner installation
  • Complete with our premium hydrocarbon resistant 2 part resin
  • Rated up to and including 1.9/3.3kV
  • Designed for specialist applications where hydrocarbons are present.


Cable Services web link: 3M Scotchcast Hazard Area Low Voltage Resin Joints

Data Sheet PDF: 3M LV Hazardous Area Brochure

Cable Services Catalogue PDF: 3M Scotchcast LV Resin Joint Products

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