Tyco Heat Shrinkable Cable Jointing Systems

For straight joints on 1kV to 3.6kV power cables

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Low Voltage Heat Shrinkable Joints

Tyco Heat Shrinkable Cable Jointing SystemsIn modern heavy industries such as open-cast mining, ship-building, steelworks and chemical plants flexible cables used for power supply have to withstand rough handling and prolonged exposure to abrasive materials and fluids. To meet the need for a fast, dependable connection and repair technique for such cables, Tyco developed a joint system which is slim and flexible enough to allow spooling of the cable, quick to install and resistant to aggressive liquids and mechanical abuse. Our joints for flexible cables meet Raychem specification PPS 3013. Their performance and ease of use are a result of our capability in materials science and long experience in the field of power engineering.

Ease of installation

The connector insulating sleeves and outer joint sleeve are made of tough, flexible polymers specially developed and cross-linked to give them an "elastic memory". This enables the joint to be supplied as a kit of ready-expanded components. When positioned over the joint and heated, each component shrinks to a predetermined diameter tightly fitting the cable and automatically providing the correct insulation thickness in one operation. Shrinking requires no special skills and can be carried out in a few minutes with a commonly available gas torch. The heat-shrinkable feature also means each kit can accommodate a range of cable sizes. Requiring no special equipment and eliminating curing delays, installation can be made on-site and the joint taken into service immediately.

Moisture sealing

The components of the joint are supplied internally pre-coated with special adhesives. The heat of installation causes the adhesive to melt and flow under the shrinking action, bonding to the cable insulation and making a robust seal against water and chemicals. Heat-sensitive paint on the outer joint sleeve provides the installer with an additional check that he has applied sufficient heat to activate the adhesive.

Flexible and abrasion resistant

Tough, pliable materials and a small overall diameter make Raychem flexible joints suitable for use on trailing cables. Their resistance to the stress and strain of repeated winding onto take-up reels has been confirmed by a rigorous Raychem test programme and reliable service in demanding field conditions in many countries.


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